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Communications and Marketing

We have an extensive client ist covering education, business and government projects, covering a lot of ground in the communications and media development fields.  From TV documentaries and series, industrial videos, public relations materials, marketing and advertising campaigns, and a wide assortment of professionally produced print materials, we bring a seasoned professional touch from concept planning through to finished product.

Training and Education

With well recognized professional experience in the design and delivery of training and education materials covering the entire print and multimedia spectrum, we bring a solid track record in producing training materials that are as engaging as they are educational, making the subject matter a pleasure to learn, and an even great pleasure to teach.

Innovation and Quality Improvement

Creator of the highly effective Ideas, Risks, and Magic creative thinking program, we have developed and delivered a wide range of workshops and sessions focused on innovation, creativity and change.  We firmly believe organizations must vigorously pursue a path of innovation and quality improvement, where ideas large and small are given the support they need to solve the many difficult challenges presented by today’s complex world.

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