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In a Meeting


Welcome to Ideas, Risks and Magic (IRM), a remarkably productive, engaging and easy to use creative thinking program. 


It is an inviting, enjoyable and highly effective way to develop great ideas and manage risks to discover the magic of innovation. 


It's your express ticket to solving challenging issues in the boardroom, in the field, or anywhere in between.

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

Whether you are an educator, CEO, office administrator, equipment operator or accountant -whether you are working individually or with a group - IRM will guide you along in rediscovering your creative powers in a very enjoyable and practical way. 


It will help you improve what you do, and how you do it, and save you and your organization a lot of time, money and headaches along the way.


In just a few easy steps you will:


  • be able to rapidly generate innovative ideas on demand

  • have the tools to develop highly productive products, services and programs

  • have a clear understanding of how our self organizing thinking patterns severely limit traditional 'blue sky' thinking


Excellent dynamics, excellent results.Highly recommend your program looking for a fun, productive workshop in creative problem solving. 


Everyone enjoyed the change of made them think outside the box.  New, interesting and fun.

My students had an absolutely wonderful time.

Thanks again for making the day so enjoyable and productive.  It was amazing to see how a few easy to use creative thinking tools and techniques can be so effective and enjoyable.

It really helped us get moving in the direction we wanted, and everyone enjoyed the humour and openess of the session.

It's the very first time I've been in a corporate planning session, and didn't feel uncomforable in putting forward ideas that were "really out there" at first, but proved to be game winners on closer inspection.

Just what the doctor ordered. Got our group thinking along open lines, and in really exploring new territory. A great day of discovery for all.

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